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Affiliate programs are one of the simplest and low-maintenance ways to make your website more profitable than ever before, as well as the latest state-of-the-art marketing tool available in the market today.

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What is Androaffiliation?

If you have a website, you also have the potential to earn money with us.  Androaffiliation is the affiliate program designed for Andromedical.

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How it Works?

Earning extra money with us is very easy and absolutely free. You just need to sign up and place a link in your website.

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How much can I earn?

You can earn commissions up to 40% of the total price of the products. This is possible thanks to the fact that we are the manufacturers of all the products we commercialize.

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AndroaffiliatiON can offer you all these advantages because we are manufacturers of our products. In 2006 we decided to create our own affiliate platform in order to build a stronger relationship with our affiliates.

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Penis enlargement treatments

Androaffiliation offers the possibility to promote penis enlargement devices such as Andropenis Gold and Androextender. High effective and with medical back up provided by Andromedical’s laboratory. If you are interested in promoting these products, 2 sites are available to redirect your traffic:

andropeyronie extender

Penis enhancements treatments

Androaffiliation offers the possibility to promote treatments such as Andropeyronie medical extender designed to correct all penile curvatures and specially those induced by a Peyronie’s disease. If you are interested in promoting this product, 1 site is available to redirect your traffic:

androvacuum penis pump

Erection problems treatments

Androaffiliation offers the possibility to promote erectile dysfunction treatments such as Androvacuum Medical penis pump specially designed to help people with erectile difficulties or impotence and to improve erections by practicing Sexual Fitness. If you are interested in promoting this product, 1 site will be available soon to redirect your traffic:

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Men´s Health Supplements

Andropharma is pleased to supply its customers with effective solutions for common and non-discussed problems. We have solutions to increase your libido, experience long-lasting erections, facilitate muscle building, and more.

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Become a VIP affiliate!

Are you satisfied getting regular commissions, or are you going for the big money? Generating sales of more than 15.000 euros a month, by selling either one or more of our products, will increase your commissions substantially.

Don’t hesitate and join Androaffiliation a winning team.

Up to 110 € per Sale

High quality products

Multi-language support


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Every month we pay for all the comissions generated by the traffic you have sent it to us over the past month. Through the control panel you will see in real time how much you have earned.

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